Dr McNeill Dermal Fillers Leeds , Headingley.

Dermal fillers are a more permanent and effective solution to overcoming wrinkles and deep lines in the skin: the effects can last for several years, depending on the kind of treatment you receive. We offer a variety of different packages which can help make the skin more plump and youthful looking, and just like Botox, the procedure won’t take any longer than an hour.

Dermal fillers operate differently to Botox. The fluid injected during a Botox injection is designed to relax the muscles underneath the skin; dermal filler injections are designed to physically plump up the skin like padding. Because of the way dermal fillers work, you will see results immediately after your time at the clinic.

This treatment can be used in any area of the face, from the forehead and T-zone to the mouth and lips, chin lines and even in the bumps and dips left behind by acne scars. There are a variety of different dermal fillers for each of these forms of treatment, something that we can discuss further with you during your consultation.

We recommend dermal fillers in Leeds for anybody looking for a more permanent solution than Botox offers, and in particular for anybody who has started to notice deeper lines and wrinkles that could benefit from this treatment. Dermal fillers are also perfect for anybody looking for a long term anti-ageing solution without having to resort to surgery.