Eyebrow shape: 30mins £11

Eyebrow tint: £11

Eyelash tint: £13

Perfect sculptured brows: 30mins £20.
Includes tinting, waxing, threading and shaping for the perfect brow.

Lash Lift and Tint 60mins £35

Cluster lashes – weekend party lashes: 30mins £20.

Cluster lashes create a fuller look and are perfect for going out, out! They last between five and seven days.

Express individual lashes:
Natural or Glam 45mins £25

Application takes 45 minutes and the lashes last about two to three weeks, then must be removed professionally.

Semi-permanent individual lashes 1hr15 £49
These lashes are perfect for daily wear, special occasions and holidays. With regular maintenance they can last up to eight weeks (infills available from £15)

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